About the Vicarage

VAMLINGBO VICARAGE is today a listed building and therefore legally protected. The whole property is one of the most well-perserved vicarages in Gotland. The main building was completed 1779. It´s style, size and shape bare witness to the parsonage high social status at the time. So does the church. It was built during the 13th century and had once Gotlands highest church tower, 75 meters high. Unfortunately it was struck by lightning several times. The last time occurred 1817 and was then never rebuilt. Instead the earlier tower was replaced with a lantern shaped wooden structure, which was referred to by the locals for a long time as ”the coffee grinder”.

The two large farm buildings where built during the late 1800s and houses today modern exhibitions (see below). The vicarage and the two farm buildings where in 2003 bought from the Church of Sweden by Heligholm Utvecklings AB. During the past years different development projects has taken place in order to restore and vitalize the property. And today it is one of Gotlands main visitor centre.

The vicarage is now entering a new phase in its history. Since new year 2015 the vicarage and its gardens are own by the artist painter Lars Jonsson via the company Vamlingbo Prästgården AB in which the association Friends of Museum Lars Jonssons also holds a part ownership.


NATURUM GOTLAND is a visitor centre housed in the southern farm building. Here the visitor can learn more about Gotlands nature, cultural history and geology through its exhibitions and guided walks. Mandator for Naturum is the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Gotland County Administrative Board. Open hours normally 11 – 17, the same opening hours as the Museum Lars Jonsson. For more information read here.

FORUM ÖSTERSJÖN is a visitor centre housed in the northern farm building. Here one can learn about the Baltic Sea through it´s exhibitions. It also has an aquarium and an auditorium.  For more information read here.

LINNÈDAGAR holds lectures and a seminar the second week of July, which coincides when Carl von Linnaeus visited Vamlingbo and Storsudret in 1741. The theme of Linnèdagarna 2014 was Nature Photography  and this year, 2015, the theme  is The Cultivated Landscape and especially the Grazed Natural Meadows. Gotland holds 40% of all this specific habitat in Sweden with exception of the vast areas in northern Sweden where reindeers are roaming.

 VAMLINGBO CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL is held during the same days as the above mentioned Linnèdagarna, under the artistic leadership of Erik Wahlgren. For more information read here.

Please see www.vamlingboprastgard.se for more detaljed and up-to-date information before your visit


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